Intelligent AdGroup Sorting Can Increase CTR and ROI

In this article, you’ll learn why is AdGroup sorting so important and what is the optimal way to sort your AdGroups. How you sort your AdGroups and put your text ads and keywords inside them can make all the difference between a successful campaign and a total dud. Why Is AdGroup Sorting So Important? The […]

The Impact of Quality Score on Ad-Position & CPC

Your Quality Score has a big impact on both your ad-position and your CPC. This in return will have a big impact on your ROI at the end of the day. How does Quality Score affect ad position and CPC? How Quality Score affects Ad-Position While Google hasn’t revealed their exact formula of what makes […]

Using Mass Spreadsheet Upload For Your Google Ads

One of the fastest and most efficient ways to create campaigns is to use the mass spreadsheet upload method. If your campaign has over a hundred text ads or over a thousand keywords, it’ll simply take too much time to create it in AdWords Editor. The spreadsheet upload is the answer. What Is the Spreadsheet […]

How to Fine-Tune Your Google Ads Campaign

Success in Google Ads isn’t just about setting up a profitable campaign. It’s also about fine-tuning a working or near-working campaign to improve its ROI. Often times campaigns won’t be profitable right from the get-go. If your campaign is losing 30% from day one, there’s a very good chance that with some fine-tuning you’ll be […]

Finding and Selecting Profitable Keywords

Perhaps the most important element in all of Google AdWords is finding and selecting profitable keywords. A mediocre ad with a killer keyword list will convert far better than a great ad to a mediocre keyword list. To succeed in the AdWords game, you need low-cost keywords that convert strong ROIs. So how do you […]