Displaying Affiliate (Not Google) Ads On Your Site

Moving Beyond AdSense - Affiliate Products & Direct Ad Buys

So, why should you display affiliate products on your site instead of Google Ads? While AdSense is a phenomenal way to start earning income from a website, it’s by no means the end game. There are many ways you can make more money once a site’s proven its potential through AdSense. Though Google doesn’t disclose […]

List Building to Increase AdSense Profits

List Building on Adsense Website

Most people who come to an AdSense website and click on an ad simply won’t come back after they click. That means that for that visitor, you probably earned just a few cents. What if you could earn a lot more per visitor, over the course of a few weeks or months? List building allows […]

How to Ensure Public Service Ads Don’t Show Up

If Google doesn’t have enough information to determine what your site is about, they’ll display Public Service Ads (PSA). These are basically ads that “help the world” but don’t make you any money. If you’re finding PSA ads on your site for more than 72 hours, then chances are something’s not working properly with your […]

Should You Enable Image Ads Or Text Ads?

Image Ad

There are three settings you can choose in AdSense for what kind of ads to display: Text Ads Only, Text and Image Ads, or Image and Rich Media ads. Which one should you choose? Will one result in higher click-throughs and conversions? Here are the pros and cons, as well as the approach you can […]

Buying AdSense Websites for Passive Income

Buying AdSense Websites for Passive Income

If you’re building AdSense websites, it can take a long time before you actually reach the point where you’re earning significant income. If you have the available capital, it’s often much faster to simply buy these AdSense websites. How does buying AdSense websites for passive income work? Let’s take a look. The Market Places There […]