Using Mass Spreadsheet Upload For Your Google Ads.

Spreadsheet for google ads .One of the fastest and most efficient ways to create campaigns is to use the mass spreadsheet upload method. If your campaign has over a hundred text ads or over a thousand keywords, it’ll simply take too much time to create it in AdWords Editor. The spreadsheet upload is the answer.

What Is the Spreadsheet Upload?

The mass spreadsheet upload involves creating all your text ads, Ad Groups, keyword lists, match types and bid amounts in an Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is then copied and pasted into the Google Ad Editor. AdWords Editor will parse all the data it receives, let you know of any errors and put all the text ads, keywords and AdGroups in the appropriate places.

Then all you need to do is correct any errors and click “Post Changes.” Once the changes go live on the server, you might get another few errors that you need to correct. Then you’re done!

Even the load times between switching tabs in AdWords Editor can add up when you get in the range of hundreds of keywords and text ads. The spreadsheet upload method can remove much of this lag time.

Here are a few tips for making the process easier.

Constructing Your Spreadsheet

Using Mass Spreadsheet Upload for Your Google Ads

To figure out exactly what fields AdWords Editor needs, go to:

The spreadsheet is then copied and pasted into the Google Ad Editor. AdWords Editor will scan all the data it receives, inform you of any error and put all text ads, keywords and AdGroups in the appropriate places.

Look at all the columns of data that AdWords needs for you to copy and paste from a spreadsheet. Create these columns in your spreadsheet program.

Repeat the process for your keywords by going to:

Data > Keywords > Add/Edit Multiple Keywords

Then do the same for text ads by going to:

Data > Text Ads > Add/Edit Text Ads

Once you’ve done these three steps, you should have a spreadsheet with all the values you need to plug in. These values will include the text headline and descriptions, destination URLs, keywords, match types, and bids.

Tips for Creating Text Ads

When you’re creating your text ads, if you want to create two ads per AdGroup so you’re split-testing ads, just select your whole AdGroup list and paste it back into the spreadsheet right below all the existing AdGroups.

This will create a duplicate of every AdGroup. Then sort by AdGroup name and you’ll have two of each AdGroup to write ads for.

When you’re writing ads, it often helps to create three columns that tell you the length of the text you’re writing. AdWords allows you to have 25 characters in your headline and 35 characters in description 1 and description 2.

In Excel, the formula for calculating length is =LEN(cell). Just put that formula in the three cells next to the text ad cells so you know how many characters you have left as you write the ads.

To wrap up, the spreadsheet method will make it much faster to write ads, edit keywords, compile AdGroups, and do just about everything you need to do in a really big campaign.Go to Google ads sheet.

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